sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

New Mostritos!

Those are the new guys that I have been making lately, they are really friendly, even if some think that are kind of "Scary!"

I've making those little guys whit peaces of fabric that I've found and very cool bottoms. They are on sale at my store on Etsy.

New cards

As I've promise, I have new cards, I hope you enjoy them as I do! I discover this new technique, that maybe everybody knew already but I just star using it... sewing the paper! It look awesome!

Ready for the Show

I have been really busy making new cards for next weekend, I'm going to participate as a vendor at the Crafts N'at, is a Crafts Fair here in Pittsburgh. If you are here, come and enjoy a nice afternoon full of nice handmade stuff.

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009


Hace mucho que no escribo, creo que el calor me da flojera, jeje, pero he estado haciendo algunas creaciones que compartire con ustedes muy pronto ya que el proximo 5 de Sept. voy a tener una gran venta!
Mas info, muy pronto!